A small knit community, Affton has deep roots and hometown loyalty. Famous residents (John Goodman was born and raised here) have called this neighborhood home and continue to invest back into the community so that others can too.

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Nestled among historic homes, Affton is a cozy community with interesting historical landmarks, such as Grant’s Farm and The Oakland House; however, Affton is not stuck in it’s past. Noted for strong family values and education opportunities, many families call Affton home.


Affton started out humbly in the mid -1800s as a farming area, close to the main roads where farmers would bring their goods to market. Over time, the area has grown and accumulated a number of historic landmarks. The historic home of Ulysses S. Grant’s, our 18th President, can be found at the widely popular Grant’s Farm. The 281-acre property was purchased by the Busch family and is enjoyed by families who can experience the animals living there. 


Affton is easily accessible by Interstate 55 and Gravois Road. The neighborhood is a 15-minute drive from downtown St. Louis and Clayton.


The neighborhood has a strong identity marked by clean living and family values. The past remains present through old fashion butcher shops, catering, and the Farmer’s Market.


There are several places and attractions you cannot miss in Affton. Of those are the Affton Community Day Parade and Festival, Tower Tee Golf Complex, Oakland House, and, of course, Grant’s Farm.


Affton houses Affton and Bayless public school districts. The neighborhood also offers private schooling through the co-ed high school, Lutheran High School South.


Affton White-Rodgers Community Center | Contains an 8,000-square foot gymnasium for events, basketball, and volleyball. It also has a fitness room with various exercise equipment, and weight center.

Bee Tree Park | This 199-acre park features a memorial garden, fountain, and overlook dedicated to Lindell Gordon and R. Walston Chubb. The park includes a playground, trails, fishing, and wedding sites.


Population: 21,106

Zip Code: 63123

Hospital: St. Anthony’s

Libraries: Weber Road, Tesson Ferry



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